About us

Gidget Creations was started by Chandler "Gidget" Guzzle towards the end of her college career. After graduating college, she fell in love with Greg Guzzle and together they have created and forged "Gidget Creations." A family business, a hobby and a passion. Meet them below:


- Chandler "Gidget" Guzzle -

Chandler attended Southern Utah University where she graduated with her Bachelor's in Media Studies - Broadcasting & Journalism. Gidget Creations was formed as an outlet from her regular 9-5 job, but soon became her passion and career. You can find Chandler snuggling with her puppy Gio, in the mountains working with her video production students, or behind the lens creating art from motion.


- Greg Guzzle -

Greg joined Gidget Creations shortly after it was created. After helping with equipment, Greg picked up a camera and found a love for the art himself. You can find Greg in the garage under a car, speaking fluent Italian to his puppy Gio, or behind a camera making Chandler’s dream a reality.